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What a day!!!!!!!!
Juniors 8-0! Beyond all your wildest expectations. Keep your feet on the ground and play same tomorrow. Well done all. The premier deservedly beating Burnley. The county officials must be in dreamland 2nite - the two Numbers 17s are creating havoc in both teams - GREAT


Well done on your big win today 8-0 fantastic! I follow the county team every year unfortunately I am missing your first two games as I am holidaying in Dubai but even so I have been following you online! Rest assured I will be there on Wednesday cheering you on as always until then keep up the good work and hopefully you will get a good result again tomorrow.


Junior Squad
I would like to say a big thankyou to the Junior Squad Management Team, The Players and Parents who have been exceptionally considerate to Scott and ensuring despite his serious injury which has ruled him out of playing this year have made him feel part of the squad.  Especially the coaching staff who have taken the time to visit him when in hospital and chat over the sessions etc when he has attended.  I know Scott appreciates it and Caroline and I wish to say thank you for your kindness which has eased the disappointment a little for Scott.  May I also take this opportunity to wish both squads all the best in the Milk Cup and we will be at every junior match supporting the boys.


previously a junior squad member

Just like to wish all the guys good luck this year in the tournament, I know from last year that there is a tremendous amount of work put in on the players behalf and also the management. Just a note to the players. Guys you have to go for it from the very first whistle of your first game, make sure that when the week is over you have no regrets about your performances because it might be your only chance to make a name for yourself or play on as big a stage as this. Also guys, don't be disheartened if you don't make the first eleven. I started off as a sub but when I got my grass time I tried my hardest to earn my starting position for the next day. If you start getting frustrated and complaining about not playing you'll ruin your own and your teams morale, and believe me thats a big factor. Most of all guys, enjoy it. Youll be very nervous before the first game, but as we realised last term, we could compete easily with the big clubs. Youll learn that these guys arent that much better than you are and if you give 100% then there wont be much of a score difference come the final whistle. I'm sure that if you play as a team and support each other you can go a long way, guys everythings there, its just a matter of taking the opportunity. don't let it slip away. I'm sure you guys cant wait to get out there, it beats those cooper runs anyway!

good luck!

Terry Boylan Chair Coleraine Sports Council

Best Wishes to all
Best wishes to all players, coaches and Managers in the fortcoming Milk Cup.Good luck to all players with particular mention to all players from the Coleraine Borough.

Gary Faulkner

Junior team manager
Well Milk Cup is almost upon us again and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone before it all kicks off. Thanks to David Reid my assisant who kept things ticking away while I was off on holidays and is always there to bounce ideas off or offer an opinion (apologies if I dont always take them). Thanks to Olly Mullan who has put a lot of hours in on the training field, that has left me more time to analyse and scrutinise the players and our plans for milk cup.The lads look sharp so thanks again to Olly and Davy. Thanks to Timmy for all the work with the keepers they certainly look sharper leaner and more confident. Thanks to Greg for keeping on top of any niggling injuries. Thanks to Snowy for his help with warm ups and cool downs and no doubt a massive help come the week of the Competition. Thanks also to Frankie who is always there to lend a hand or give advise when asked. Thanks to Robin for another cracking programme that funds us and give lasting memories. Thanks to Pearl and Siobhan for all the work around training gear and tracksuits, no doubt we will look the part. Thanks to all the committee for the hours of fundraising and meetings throughout the year that make everything possible. Thanks to the Clubs for nurturing the players and sending them to trials. Thanks to the parents for the massive commitment in getting the boys to training 3 times every week for the past 3 months. Thanks to the boys for the effort and teamwork. Good luck also to the Premier squad, lets hope we all have a every memorable and sucessful Milk Cup. Look forward to seeing some old faces supporting us at Milk Cup week.


Best Wishes
Just a wee note to wish both teams success and enjoyment in the 2009 Milk Cup. I know Gary, Paddy and their staff have worked tirelessly with 2 groups of determined and gifted players. Good luck

michael Healy

re milk cup programme
Just a comment to congratulate all involved with the programme it looks fantastic and obviously involved an awful lot of work.great job--good luck to the boys!!


Junior team photos

Smile for the camera boys :)  


Coleraine FC Academy Webmaster


For images of the training friendly between the Junior team and Coleraine FC Academy follow the links...



Good luck to all for this summer

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