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Gary Faulkner

Junior Manager 2008 and 2009

I felt I needed to say a big thank you to all those who have commented on this site about last years squad. I feel very humbled and proud of the lads when I read your comments.I know every one of their lads gave their all and we had no luck with refs, posts and even rain at crucial times.It was a great tournament last year for the Juniors. I was also thrilled with the premier squad who for me where as good as any team in the competition, I am particulary proud as most of the squad was in my Junior team 2 years prior and Andy Devlin's goal at Limavady honestly gave me goosebumbs. This year we will be equally as committed and focused,we have a good bunch already in the trials so support your County teams again and we will again do you proud. many thanks again for the all good luck wishes and praise. its nice to see we are getting things right.

Paddy Mc Gonigle - PREMIER Manager 2009


Just a wee note of thanks to everyone who supported us in 2008 and to the Players and Premier Management team who were fantastic and contributed to the success of 2008, an unbelieveable experience for us all !!

We want to build on last years success and be even more successful in 2009 , that journey begins next week

First Trial will be in Coleraine , on Monday 26th January , registration starts at 7pm , trial to start at 7.30pm , finishing up around 9pm. Check Website and local Press for details.

PREMIER players are 1992 Birthdays , 1993 players are also welcome to attend.

Any queries please email or give me a call .


Paddy Mc Gonigle



who will the managers of the premier and junior teams be this year.

The managers are Gary Faulkner, Juniors. Paddy McGonigal, Premier. These managers were apponited last year for a two year period



when does the trials for this years premier milk cup squad start?? No dates set yet, keep an

eye on the website for details. Administrator



FOOTBALL ORGANISATION AGENT We are football organisation agent representing liverpool in west africa and we help people that has football experience to find a club,you will be much wellcome to contact us; Contact person;Mr.Franck Harrison 112 rue de crystal,Lome-Togo Phone;00228-0424980 Fax ;00228-2222252 E-mail;


Great week

I would like to thank gary and all the coaches for one of the best experience of my life. during the milk cup i had ups and downs but thanks to gary and some team mates i have came out even more confident, thank you very much. hope to see you in 2 years or sooner.


Best week Ever

Thanks to Gary and all the management team for the opportunity to experience the best weeks football ever, memories that will never be forgotten. The team were a great bunch of guys to play football with, we all had a great time enjoying the football,the craic and even the trips to Barry's. Hope to play with you's all in a couple of years time.


County Championships

Just a suggestion! With the very large turnout to view our local County Teams why not have a County Championship. This would enable our Milk Cup Teams to meet again say in November (Halloween Break)at a central venue such as the Sports Arena in Cookstown. It seems a shame that the lads just have to disband.



is there any pictures of the milk cup being put up or anything?? ADMINISTRATOR - There will pics appearing shortly!!!


great time

thanks to gary and the other coaches for a great memorable week and i hope to be there again also good luck to all the lads in the future.

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